Requirements for Papers

Authors have a choice of submitting either a Full Manuscript or an Extended Abstract, one of which is required for all oral and poster presentations. The Full Manuscripts or Extended Abstracts must be submitted no later than March 1, 2017. Incomplete or improperly formatted submissions will be returned to the authors for corrections. The final camera-ready submissions must be consistent with the original abstracts submitted to and accepted by the ICGH9 LOC/ISC.

Format for Final Submissions
(Camera-Ready Full Manuscripts or Extended Abstracts)

Either Full Manuscripts or Extended Abstracts shall be submitted as PDF (Portable Document Format) computer files. The paper within the file shall be "camera-ready"; that is, it shall be complete, properly formatted, and ready in all respects to be directly included in the digital ICGH9 proceedings.

Full Manuscripts and Extended Abstracts shall be constructed in strict accordance with the appropriate directions and examples that are available for download using the links listed below:

Additional documents are also available for download (Note: The information contained in the documents listed below is for informational purposes to assist you with your on-site presentation. None of these presentation materials need to be submitted to the ICGH-9 DMS. Final oral presentation materials will be collected at the Symposium via flash drive, and poster presenters are expected to bring their posters with them.)

Submittal of Documents

All Full Manuscripts or Extended Abstracts shall be submitted to the ICGH9 staff through the web-based Document Management System (DMS) at the following web address:

Each person who submitted the original review abstracts has an account on the DMS that can be accessed through the login and password that was setup initially with the original abstract submission. When submitting Full Manuscripts or Extended Abstracts you must use your existing credentials to access the DMS. Do not create additional accounts within the DMS. The DMS will prompt the user to confirm or update the submission title and author listing. Directions are provided within the DMS to upload the PDF version of your Full Manuscript or Extended Abstract.

Please contact ICGH9 management by email at if you have questions or need assistance.

Attendance of Conference

At least one author of each accepted submission shall register for and attend the Conference and shall present the paper at the Conference in accordance with the applicable presentation schedule.

Access to ICGH9 Papers

On arrival at ICGH9, each conferee will be provided with a flash/thumb drive containing all ICGH9 manuscripts and extended abstracts. However the copyright to each work is held by the author. For this reason all requests for copies of manuscripts or extended abstracts should be requested of the original author(s). Copies of the conference extended abstracts and manuscripts will not be provided to non-ICGH9 attendees.

Important dates for abstract and paper submissions

May 1, 2016Call for papers
September 12, 2016Abstracts submission deadline; now closed
December 1, 2016Abstract acceptance notification
March 1, 2017Camera-ready manuscript submission deadline

Presentation areas

Presentations in the following areas are invited:

  • Gas hydrate fundamentals
  • Gas hydrates in nature
  • Energy recovery
  • Climate change and geohazards
  • Flow assurance